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On behalf of Kundalini Yoga Thailand National Teachers Association – KYTNTA we are honored and grateful for this opportunity to lead Teacher’s Prayer day Come join us in meditation & prayer!!

Teacher’s Prayer Day is a special time each month when a different National Teachers Association will lead the meditation & prayer as we gather as a global sangat, brought together by these amazing teachings, vibrating in common unity & high frequency projecting love, healing & peace collectively as one, out to all!

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SAT NAM                                                                                                                                                                                                                         ‘Dying Into Life’ Training with Jivan Joti Kaur Khalsa, Ph.D. is under consideration to be conducted in the Asian region sometime in the fall or Winter 2022.  Below are the details of this training and if you are interested in signing up please contact Satya at:

Jivan Joti Kaur is a psychologist and has been a kundalini yoga teacher/trainer for many years.  She has written several books and the most recent is her book ‘Dying Into Life’ which can be read separately and will accompany this training. Her deep wisdom, knowledge on this topic, compassion and her presence make this a transformational training.

Note: the Schedule you see below days/times are for the current training she is running in the US and Europe. If conducted in Asia the time zone will be for Asia region, days and times will also be suitable for Asia region as well.

Click on the links below to read the Welcome Letter and Curriculum for training.

Dying Into Life Training – Welcome Letter

Dying Into Life Curriculum for Training (3)

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By Grace of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji

*Mul Mantra: Being in the Present Moment, in the Now.*
With Rajveer Singh Khalsa

27th March-Sunday
9am-10.30am (Malaysia/Singapore)
(Sydney Time)
It will be 26th March in US (7pm-8.30pm-New Mexico Time)

Every New Age Teacher in these times shares about being in the Present Moment. In the Now.
Guru Nanak Sahib Ji about 550 years by Grace of Akaal Purkh brought Mul Mantra from Akaal &, Shabad Guru to the planet and imprinted in the Ethers.
Many Theologians and Intellectuals have shared on Mul Mantra.
Guru Nanak Sahib Himself Ek Ong Kar, shared Ek Ong Kar to Mul Mantra, what it is to be totally present in the Now.  Beyond Time&Space, in the Now totally present, Merging in presence of Akaal, beyond time, space, fear, not living in Reaction, beyond revenge, being totally Being.

Join me in this 90minute session of Chanting(Jaap) of Mul Mantra,meditation, contemplation and sitting-being by Grace of Guru Nanak Sahib Ji whom gave us this Life-giving Mantra.

Guru Nanak Sahib Ji not saying no to anyone, to beyond identification, totally
This session is Free.
For zoom log in: +60109240936 or
Guru Ram Das Center
Join in from all over the world, just check your local timing and tune in.
See You on Zoom.
Sat Nam Wahe Guru.


*4th April 2022*
*Living from the Heart*
Heart Chakra :Compassion & Meditation.

7.00am-8.30am(morning) &

With Rajveer Singh Khalsa & guests.

We are experiencing a global emotional crisis.A planetary shift of rapid change &, increasing sensitivity needed to adapt to change has many are feeling,-angry, lonely, anxious, stressed & feeling overwhelmed.

Many try to stop these feelings by pills, masking behaviours or disassociation and numbness-being insensitive.

We will work on kundalini yoga kriya & meditation to clear the mind, work on breath, Chanting to connect to the Heart & to experience the heart space.

All timings are Malaysia/Singapore Timing
This event has a morning & evening same session for Participants from different time zones to attend, check your local time zones

For Bookings:
+6010 9240936 or email