The Journey Back Home


By Grace of Guru Ram Das Ji,

” *Contemplating on Death: the Journey Back Home* ‘
With Rajveer Singh Khalsa

*2nd October:Saturday*
4pm-5.30pm(Malaysia/Singapore Time)

One day Yogi Bhajan Ji asked someone in front of me, do you know when you die, where you are going to go.Start thinking about that, do it daily, think about your Lifestyle.

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‘I have seen one man dying and that was my father in law. I have never seen anyone so well versed on the subject of death. It was unparalleled in my knowledge when I saw that great man dying. He became ill and went to the hospital. They couldn”t do anything. They knew it was terminal. He came back home and told everybody his time had come and this disease is just an excuse.
The time came and, at a particular hour, he said, “,Put me down on the ground, the time has come to go.”
They took him off the bed and put a white sheet on the ground.
He lay down very gracefully. There was no fear. There was no problem.
There was nothing, and then he pointed to some written instructions, which were taken out and read.
They said:” The moment you put me on the ground, make me comfortable, don’t try to talk to me, and start reading Sukhmani.” So, the reading of Sukhmani was started.
Then the instructions were, “When reach such and such Ashtpadi, put a lamp on my right hand and put my charity things in my, other hand.”

It was done, and at the end of Sukhmani he asked that the picture of Guru Nanak on which he used to meditate should put to the point opposite to his belly button.
He wanted to meditate on that picture where he said he had meditated all his life and he wanted to close his life, the eyes of his life that way.

So, it was done and everything was done smoothly.
There was no choppiness.
It was very seasonal, professional, totally done.

Then there were further instructions written.
‘My son in law so and so will pull the instructions from such and such drawer after I am dead.’
That was my part.
I pulled the instructions that were written.
They said, “‘, This is the total amount. This will be done on my death.
This will be given to charity.
This will be given to people whom I supported.,’
(There were alot of widows and alot of people)
” This will be done this way, ‘
It was such a detailed account.
For 17 or 18 days we went through this whole system. It was so well explained. Monday, we have to do this.
Tuesday, we have to do this. Wednesday we have to do this

All 17 days were accounted for. And the last line, read,
‘Life was a very systematic way of living”That was it.

When I looked through the pages I realized he wrote it- 2 years before his death.
I knew his habit.
Whenever he started writing, he first part put the date, month and year on the corner.
So, I turned back the page, but on one side of it, the date was written.
It was exactly 2 years before we needed that paper.

– Siri Singh Sahib, Yogi Bhajan Ji. 1984.