Authentic Relationships

KRI Level 2 Teacher Training

Feb 20 – 25 Beijing:  Level 2 Authentic Relationships

Transformation is the second stage of training and personal development. This stage is about the transformation and deepening of your own core capacities, character and consciousness. The essence of this stage is about your establishing the ability to use your applied mind, applied intelligence and applied awareness.

Authentic Relationships-  In this unique 6 day course, we will learn how to connect with the true identity of ourselves and other, without judgement and fears that obstruct our view to one’s true identity.

The objectives of this course are to:

  • To understand with clarity and depth our relationship to our consciousness, our soul, our teacher and our students;
  • Recognize and create authentic relationships in each area of our life;
  • Create and maintain Soul-based relationships;
  • Recognize the importance of growth and evolvement in relationship; and
  • Develop our capacity for Authentic Relationships by developing our personal practices.

Kriyas and meditations, as well as other processes, will be engaged to recognize how your personal life is affected by both Authentic Relationships and by false relationships.